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Dead Bird BBQ

DB180 Steak Trio Bundle

DB180 Steak Trio Bundle

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Get all three DB180 Rubs used by Will Collier on the SCA Competition circuit, Grill All, All Purpose, and Steak & Beef. Learn how Will layers the three rubs specifically by visiting BBQCHAMPS.COM and enrolling in his 100% tell-all Steak Class!

  • DB180 Grill AllThe end all seasoning for cooking at high heat! This zero-sugar rub will not burn or stick to your grates when cooked at extremely hot temperatures.
  • DB180 All Purpose: The base layer for everything you will cook, and the flavor profile matches up perfectly with all DB180 rubs. Dead Bird BBQ suggests that you use this versatile salt, pepper, and garlic-based rub on anything you wish to season.
  • DB180 Steak & Beef: The main seasoning used in multiple SCA Steak competitions Golden Ticket winning recipes on the steak competition circuit. A versatile beef seasoning designed to win.


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