Our Story

Dead Bird BBQ

Our Founder – Will Collier

Upon his return from a military deployment in Afghanistan, Will sought solace for his restless mind and stumbled upon the world of competitive BBQ. A close friend extended an invitation to join a Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) sanctioned competition, and the dynamic atmosphere proved to be precisely what he craved. This experience ignited a flame within Will, fueling his passion for competitive cooking and igniting his determination to excel. Will committed himself to becoming an accomplished competition cook, embarking on his journey by participating in local contests. Despite relying on borrowed smokers, Will started achieving victories at the backyard competition level, propelling him to venture into the realm of professional competition.

 In early 2016, Will took a significant step by purchasing his first smoker from a pawn shop, signaling his official entry into professional BBQ competitions. It was during this inaugural event that an unusual incident occurred, forever marking his path. While showcasing his newly acquired smoker to a fellow competitor, Will unlatched the pit only to discover a lifeless bird trapped inside. This unexpected encounter became the catalyst for his decision to compete under the moniker "Dead Bird BBQ."


DB180 – The Beginning

 When one of Will's children was diagnosed with both MSG and Gluten intolerances, his quest for Gluten-free alternatives expanded to encompass all the seasonings he used in his culinary endeavors. As he scrutinized the labels of popular sauces and seasonings, he discovered that MSG was a prevalent ingredient in nearly every product people commonly relied on. This realization prompted Will to embark on a journey of research into diverse ingredients and flavors, ultimately leading him to create a seasoning blend that was both MSG and Gluten-free, catering to his family's dietary needs.

 To his delight, Will's homemade blend turned out to be exceptional, far surpassing his expectations. Inspired by its success, he decided to incorporate it into his competition cooking as well. The results were nothing short of remarkable, as Will achieved perfect scores of 180 in three out of his first five professional contests, all thanks to his meticulously crafted blend of all-natural seasonings. Encouraged by this triumph, Will took the next step by designing a logo and introducing his MSG and Gluten-free recipes to the public, presenting them under the brand name DB180 (Dead Bird - 180).


The Next Chapter – New Ownership

As Will’s family grew, it became evident that he needed help with the business. Welcome Mom & Dad Collier!! Wanting to keep DB180 within the family, Mike & Kari Collier have now stepped in to continue the business under the primary name of DB180 Premium Products. The products are the same great quality and blends originally created by our founder, Will Collier, and he will continue to support and help with creating new products along with promoting DB180.