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DB180 Ultimate SCA Kit

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Are you interested in diving into the world of competition steak cooking?  You're in luck! Dead Bird BBQ is proud to offer the ultimate SCA Kit that includes everything you'll need to start experimenting! This kit is packed full of the most popular rubs and marinades on the SCA Competition circuit.  With this pack, you will receive 16 of the best products on the market, the kit includes:

DB180 Grill All

DB180 Steak & Beef 

DB180 All Purpose 

Arkassippi Combo (Steak Shake, Big Red Beef, Climax AP, Bovine Delight)

Papo Joe Trio (Steak Walk, Lady Luck, Momma's AP)

B XTREME Steak Dust & Grillin Dust 

Wicked Pig Marinade 

P&L Marinade 

Spicy White Lightning 

Johnny Joseph Steak Rub