DB180 Smoked Salmon

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DB180 Smoked Salmon

  • 1 Skin On Salmon Filet (Sockeye or King are best)
  • DB180 All Purpose
  • DB180 Steak & Beef
  • 4 ounces smoking wood (I prefer Pecan)
  • 1 Stick Unsalted Butter
  • 1 Tablespoon White Lightning Double Garlic Butter Seasoning


Remove salmon from package and remove any pin bones the butcher may have missed.  Leave skin on during smoking process to preserve moisture in the fish.  Season the salmon with a medium coat of DB180 All Purpose, followed by a medium coat of DB180 Steak & Beef for color.  
Fire up smoker or set up grill for indirect cooking. Bring the temp to 275 and place a 4 ounce chunk of wood on on the fire. Place salmon skin side down and close the lid. Melt butter and combine with Double Garlic Butter seasoning.  After 45 minutes, baste salmon with garlic butter mixture and start checking the internal temperature every 20 minutes.  Once the thickest part of the salmon reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees, pull and let rest lightly tinted in foil for 5 minutes.  Baste the salmon generously with the butter mixture and preserve any extra butter to use as a dipping sauce! 
(The skin using this method will be rubbery, when smoking salmon, the skin is used as a barrier to retain moisture in the fish, the fish easily separates from the skin when finished!)  

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